Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Full Moon in Aries 2018

Last night I had a really nice evening. I spent it with my sweet friend Ebony who affectionately refers to me as her American Mum and I her as my daughter. She knows how much I adore the moon and will send me a picture of it each full moon. It's such a beautiful way to stay connected with her and to feel special. A monthly reminder that someone is thinking of me and knowing how much I love the moon and even though we are an ocean apart we can feel connected. It's pretty special. And last night it so happened that Ebz and I went to dinner on the night of the full moon. We were just finishing our meal when she spotted the massive, amber sphere rising out of the water. Drawn to her like the sea she shimmered over, we rushed out to the harbour and shared in its spectacular beauty. It looked more like a subdued, icy, rose-gold sun. These are a few photos I was able to capture with my iPhone. I really should invest in a decent camera, but considering, I think they turned out ok. Then the last photo was several hours later when she had returned to her familiar silver magnificence. 

Today I decided to ask the tarot what do I need to release and what do I need to embrace this full moon? I shuffled and specifically looked for the Moon card and each card just to the left and right. It's noteworthy that this is the Full Moon in Aries and the left is a water card and to the right fire - stagnant emotion and thus isolation reflected by the 7 of cups in contrast to the more dynamic energy of community and celebration shown in the 4 of wands. 

Release being overwhelmed with emotional confusion that enevitably leads to lethargy due to emitioanl exhaustion from overthinking. Embrace feelings of stability that can be found by interacting with like-minded individuals who encourage and inspire me to remain curious and explore things that call to and are of interest to me. As my time in the UK draws to a close this really hits home for me. It makes perfect sense, but to add an element of practical application I shuffled again and asked, "How??" The Emperor jumped out:
 Rise above obstacles  

  • Be authoritative,
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Do not get caught up in the minutia,
  • Be my own sovereign
  • Embrace a sense of power
  • Exude grace under pressure 
  • Commit to fostering strong self-worth 
  • Be brave damnit

I hope that this Aries full moon brings you all of the positive Aries qualities needed in your life and that you are able to enjoy the beauty of the moon.

*this post brought to you by the Tarot of Pagan Cats

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

To the Rainbow by Joanne Baillie

I was Googling something or other a little while ago and I saw the Google doodle for the person being honored today and wondered who she was. So I clicked on it and was really inspired by what I learned. Her name is Joanna Baillie and today marks her 256th birthday. She is a renowned Scottish poet and playwright who was a descendant of famous Scottish war hero Sir William Wallace and was who's literary achievements led to her being hailed as the "female William Shakespeare". I needed to make a post for tomorrow and was moved to share a bit of what I learned about her as well as one of her poems as my post for this week. Here is a bit about her:

  • She was contemporaries with and hosted the likes of such literary greats as Lord and Lady Byron
  • Her first poem was titled Winter Day
    • She was a philanthropist, donating half of her substantial earnings from her literary career to charity
    • She lived most her life with her sister, Agnes
    • She never married but it is said that she had many a gentleman caller and interest
    • She is hailed as one of the greatest female poets of all time

    The title of her poem To The Rainbow caught my attention. The rainbow holds very special significance for me since my Mamma passed away. She sends me rainbows as symbols she is around, most of which have been when it is extremely clear that it is from her and cannot be written off as mere coincidence. The picture of the rainbow above is out in St. James Parrish, where her family is from. I saw it when I was out there one day was with a cousin of hers. The title To the Rainbow called to mind the beautiful oracle deck by Inna Segal, The Secret Language of Color. The deck is a wonderful, each card displaying the beauty of a particular color or hue and explain how to work with its energetic vibration for physical and/or emotional healing. As we all know, the rainbow is such a wonderful symbol of healing, hope, joy, and encouragement.

     I am only just now realizing today is September 11th.

    To The Rainbow

    TRIUMPHANT arch! that fill'st the sky
       When storms prepare to part,
    I ask not proud philosophy
       To teach me what thou art:—

    Still seem, as to my childhood's sight,
       A midway station given,
    For happy spirits to alight
       Betwixt the earth and heaven.

    Can all that optics teach unfold
       Thy form to please me so,
    As when I dreamt of gems and gold
       Hid in thy radiant bow?

    When science from creation's face
       Enchantment's veil withdraws,
    What lovely visions yield their place
       To cold material laws!

    And yet, fair bow! no fabling dreams,
       But words of the Most High,
    Have told why first thy robe of beams
       Was woven in the sky.

    When o'er the green undeluged earth
       Heaven's covenant thou did'st shine,
    How came the world's grey fathers forth
       To watch thy sacred sign!

    And when its yellow lustre smil'd
       O'er mountains yet untrod,
    Each mother held aloft her child
       To bless the bow of God.

    Methinks, thy jubilee to keep,
       The first-made anthem rang,
    On earth deliver'd from the deep,
       And the first poet sang.

    Nor ever shall the Muse's eye
       Unraptur'd greet thy beam:
    Theme of primeval prophecy!
       Be still the poet's theme.

    The earth to thee its incense yields,
       The lark thy welcome sings,
    When glitt'ring in the freshen'd fields
       The snowy mushroom springs.

    How glorious is thy girdle cast
       O'er mountain, tower, and town;
    Or mirror'd in the ocean vast,
       A thousand fathoms down!

    As fresh in yon horizon dark,
       As young thy beauties seem,
    As when the eagle from the ark
       First sported in thy beam.

    For faithful to its sacred page,
       Heaven still rebuilds thy span;
    Nor lets the type grow pale with age,
       That first spoke peace to man.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    Cornwall - A Day in Padstow

    I went out again for another adventure around Cornwall with my friend Trigger, this time to the South Coast, past New Quay and over to Padstow. Yet another seaside town filled with shops on narrow streets and beautiful boats in the harbor. But of course, the ride there and back was half of the joy. I'll never tire of riding along the narrow roads that carve through the rolling green hills. This time I also got to enjoy the beauty of the sea as well as the land. Once we arrived in Padstow we went to a nice pub just off the harbor, The Old Custom House. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the front of the building, but this is the view just in front. Not too bad huh. 

    It was an inviting atmosphere and we found a nice table in the back area. I was pleased to see a map of Cornwall, also known as the South West country on the wall to help me get my bearings as to where we were. On the menu was the usual pub grub type of favorites. I settled on the classic ham, eggs and chips and a pot of Earl Grey with milk. These may have been the best eggs I've ever eaten in my life. Just look at the glorious amber-orange colour, the hallmark of cage-free, corn-fed chickens. And the chips were proper chips. I find when I'm back in the States I really don't care for fries anymore after proper chips. It's like what your Mom would make in an American home. Potatoes that are freshly peeled and cut into larger strips, not frozen potatoes from a bag. The pub was also dog-friendly, of course. I should create a post on how dog-friendly Cornwall is. In short, if you don't like dogs, you really may wish to spend time elsewhere. Dogs are welcome in nearly every establishment in Cornwall and that definitely includes those that serve food. 

    After enjoying brunch we walked around the harbor. There was a lovely sailboat I had a momentary daydream about taking out on the open sea and then took in some sightseeing around the town. Because the sea is such an integral part of life in Cornwall, a nautical theme is always present. I wish I'd taken another picture so as to get the perspective of how big this beautiful anchor is.

    I saw one the beautiful old farmhouses that kind of stuck out like a relic from the past in the midst of more modern shops. It had a beautiful wrought iron fence around it, but what really caught my attention was the stone figure in an ornately carved little alcove that looked shockingly like an Ellegua head. I do wonder what this was meant to represent or honor. I'm pretty sure Ellegua isn't highlighted in Cornwall. Maybe, but I sincerely doubt it. 

    There were so many beautiful flowers all about. St. Austell pubs are often known for having a lot of hanging baskets on the outside. This one had bright fuschia petunias that caught my attention. 

    We were surprised to see a grapevine with clusters of new grapes forming. We also saw a beautiful claddagh doorknocker. Maybe that is another thing I should feature as a brief weekly post because there are so many unique and beautiful ones that I've seen.

    It was such a nice day and I can't wait for another day out with Trigger. He is such great company and I really appreciate him showing me so much of beautiful Cornwall.


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