Friday, November 9, 2012

Samhain/Halloween 2012

I did this reading on October 30th. I thought I'd signed up for the Tarot Bloghop, but when I went to see what number I was on the list, I wasn't on it and it seemed a but late to point that out and screw up the flow of things. The topic Amethyst chose was to delve into who our shadow side is. This is the spread I created using my beloved Tarot of the Vampyres. I have left Rx cards as upright in the pictures.

Untitled 1. Mask - (how others see me) - Rx 5 of Skulls - Wow, what a compliment! Others see me as a survivor. I notice how her body is positioned and I know this is in reference to my back injury. It is both at the neck and in the lower back. It has recently been an extreme challenge once again and like that huge wolf, it is a most ominous opponent. This glyphs for Taurus and Mercury let me know I have to not be so ridged in my thinking about chronic pain. I've got to get up, look this beast dead square in the eye and kick its ass! Back pain cause me to loose a LOT of things, money included. It definitely helps to know that others see as such a strong woman.

2. Vampire (what drains me/sux the life outta me, yet seduces me) - Lord of Scpeters - This speaks on two issues. 1.the chronic pain dragging me back into that cycle of hell. The glowing red and lightening is a perfect depiction of the pain, and pain will make you tired as hell mentally and physically. 2. Being so inspired to have my tarot business and the constant challenge of getting my shit together. (This deck has always been so very honest with me)

3. Ghost - (what past issue do I need to put to rest) - Rx 4 of Knives - The first thing I get from this card is insomnia. I notice she is looking to the past, and with the three previous cards that gives the more specific information. I also get that I need to work with Rapahel the Arch Angel for healing.

Untitled 4. Shadow - (what am I not seeing that I need to bring to light) -  The Hierophant V - hmm... It would appear that I am being subservient in some way and need to take back my power, be my own authority figure. I'll have to consider this further.

5.  Werewolf - ( what transformation needs to happen) - 8 of Knives - God grief Charlie Brown. How I get all stagnant and don't do shit because I am not sure what to do first, all indecisive. This a warning that depression is lurking and I'd do wise to get my shit in gear.

6. Candle - (source of hope or inspiration) - The Hermit IV - Ruled by Virgo, organization and determination will keep me inspired. Just start walking, the path will be shown to me. Just make sure it doesn't lead me back into the vicious cycle if indecision.

Untitled 7. Jack-o-lantern (what treat can I expect) - Prince of Grails - I swear to you, as I was shuffling, I had this whole conversation about not being surprised about getting a card predicting romance on the horizon. I also think it is saying that the alone time that the Hermit told me to make will strengthen my intuitive gifts as well as give me peace.

I hope you all had a very Blessed Samhain and would love to know if you try to I spread!


*update- I can not believe it, but since I did this reading I have seemingly acquired 4 suitors?!? Kind of like this version of the Knight if Cups, I am so over falling in love with being in love. so much like him, I'll just quitely but consciously honor my own worth and not make any suddend moves and enjoy being courted. I'll keep you all posted lol


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