Voodoo Authentica

I am proud to be one of the readers here at Voodoo Authentica, a cultural center and where one can also consult with practitioners as well as purchase various handmade/blessed items such as gris gris bags, dressed candles, dolls, and artwork. Please stop in the next time you are in New Orleans. Or give us a call if you have any questions or visit our website to place an order online. We do ship internationally as well.

And please join us in celebrating Voodoo Fest which is held every year for Halloween. Voodoo Fest is a FREE cultural event that is held with the purpose of celebrating the various traditions of voodoo as well as educating the masses and dispelling the multitude of  preconceived notions and false information that have be perpetuated by fear and media hype.

Contacting The Shop:

Hours at the shop are 11am--7pm Thursday through Monday. Telephone (504)522.2111, or visit the website.



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