Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Serving Oya on Katrina's 8th Aniversary

*Oya - click to see this glorious deck!
Today marks the 8th Aniversary of Hurricane Katrina. There is so much detail I could give with regard to my own personal experience, but to be completely honest, I just plain don't want to right now. But I will tell you I sat in the airport for 8 1/2 hours that day. NOTHING but the power of prayer/positive affirmation got me the hell out of there or the city, trust and believe me on that!

There is a specific spirit who rules over storms, Oya. She is a warrior, the the keeper of the cemetaries, winds of change, and associated with massive transformation. When you need to release the things that no longer serve you well, you can call on Oya, but in my personal experience and that of those I know to have worked with her, she ain't for the faint of heart. You'd be well advised to only call on Oya when you are sick and tired if being sick and tired! She and her sister Oshun (with whom she does not get along) have both been all around me for the past 2 weeks, sending very specific signs and messages to me. As a matter of fact, Oshun told me I had to ask Oya to clear my path before she could bring in her gifts of joy and prosperity. (Note the phrase "clear my path". Ever seen footage of the path a tornado leaves when it cuts through?! It's kinda like that, it ain't pretty folks. In fact, to be blunt, it rather sucks I'd have to say!) The lady has been quite busy, and I can't say I'm not a bit worse for the wear. The thing is, your life is always better for it once th storm is over. She is the school of hard knocks.

Oya's sacred day is Wednesday and her colors are dark purple and burgundy. Items sacred to her are black plums, red grapes, red wine, eggplants, storm clouds, wind, and the machete she uses to chop down and clear out anything obstructing your path. In the tarot, she comes up for me as the Ace of Swords, the Queen of Swords, or the Death XIII card. You could call on her during a storm or when it is windy. Write or speak your petiton for the changes you need or want and ask her for the courage to weather the storm. Then place any of these cards in front of a purple candle with one of the items sacred to her. To show your gratitude, take any of these items to a cemetery, leaving it at the gate since she is who watches over it.


I brought her a gorgeous eggplant today and put it on her altar to say thank your for giving me the strength to withstand the massive changes going on in and around my life. It was also thanking her for keeping The Crescent Lady safe so far this hurricane season. And for the blessings, strength and courage that came from Katrina. The one new lesson I'm learning is to stop resisting the winds of change she blows and allow her to have you land where she sees fit and is best for you to start your path anew.



QofSw - Vampire Tarot Deck by Nathalie Hurtz for U.S. Games

Death - Tarot of Vampires by Ian Daniels

Ace of Sw - Dark Angels Tarot by Luca Russco for LoSacrabeo


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bee-ing Prosperous With Mamma Oshun

One of the African spirits I honor is Oshun. She is the Orisha of love, happiness, sensuality and prosperity. Her colors are yellow, green, gold, and orange. Sacred items to her include: pumpkins, sunflowers, the sun, oranges, honey, cinnamon. Animals sacred to her include bees and peacocks. She is the "sweet water", the rivers. I have gone down to the banks of the Mighty Misissippi to give thanks to her for favors granted. On my personal altar to her I have several things that either I thought she'd like or that she asked me for. I love how the candlelight illuminates the amber and green calcite. I keep money that has her sacred oil on it to ask that when I put it in my wallet and then spend it more will be drawn back to me. I give her thanks and say that I know that the money I spend enriches the lives of others and comes back to me multiplied. I've noticed this has really helped with relationship with money and seeing it as an energy exchange, thus helping to release the fear of the lack of it.

*my personal altar to Oshun*


One night last week while doing cards on The Square, my friend Jewel (another reader) and I stared singing one of her songs. It was a kinda slow night and money was scarce. Within about 15 minutes I had my first reading of the night. Very shortly thereafter so did another friend. We both went home quite pleased and grateful. The next night Jewel set up my table for me. When I sat down I saw something that amazed us both. On the lip of one of my candles was a honey bee! She seemed like she was unwell and needing to rest to regain her strength. I got to my setup at about 5:30 and left at about 01:00. I even carried the candle home and that bee stayed with me! I gave her a tiny drop of some delicious German honey, said a prayer of thanks to Mamma Oshun and left the candle outside in my courtyard so she could find some flowers. The last time I checked at about 04:00 thshe was, but the next day she was gone. This week I found 3 bees in my house buzzing around in the kitchen, one in the bathroom.


I associate her with the Queen of Wands in tarot. Call on her for help when working with the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. She will help you to create most anything you want, including financial abundance, art, music, inspiration, joy and passion for life itself.


Here is a beautiful song for Oshun


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Genevieve's Resolution

I was walking to the bank today and my fast paced walk was brought to halt when I saw this precious fur-ball striking a pose like he was in the Vogue video. I immediately thought of the tarot. Genevieve (don't ask. The cat looks like a Genivive to me ok) is all stretched out with not a single care in the world. She could give less than a damn about what anyone thinks. The two paintings behind her make me think of conversation bubbles in a cartoon that show what she was dreaming away about. The one painting shows the painted jewels of New Orleans, our Creole cottages, as they are helplessly being drowned by the rising waters of Katrina. The other an adorable little dog painting who he is in his spirit. My brain translated this into The Tower, 4 of swords, and the Page of Wands.

*The Gill Tarot by U. S. Games*

But the horrific catastrophe is all behind this kitty-cat. (Quite literally lol!) What's on her mind is that conversation she had with a dog named Max a few months after the storm. She'd always laughed at Max and thought what a dumbass he was because of how he interacted with humans, but she learned how wise that damn dog was. Genevieve's humans had evacuated because of the storm. In her terror, Genevieve had freaked out and ran away when the levees broke. She had managed to climb out of an open window and make it to the roof. After several days she was finally rescued and brought to a shelter in Atlanta and relocated again to one in Houston. While there she met a really cool beagle named Max who told her of his experience with the storm. His family was not as lucky as he was. They were an elderly couple and did not survive. He was able to swim and float along when the water came into the house and swept him away. Luckily, rescuers found him. He ended up having his Katrina-cation in the same shelter in Houston as Genevieve. He was so freaked out he lost his hair in patches, couldn't eat... he was a mess. And one day he thought of the sweet man he used to live with. His wife had died a few years prior and the man went through a horrible depression. One day Max was sitting next to the gentleman while the man was looking in the mirror shaving. He suddenly stopped and said, "Ya know, I survived The Korean War, working off-shore on the oil rigs, lossing my parents and the trauma of raising 4 teen-agers. Max, I gotta get busy livin' or get busy dyin'." And for the first time in months the old man had a spark of hope and inspiration in his eye. Max knew then it was all about perspective. After many months spent at the shelter he had done much self-reflection. He decided to change his thought process about how he viewed himself and life in general. His life was his reality to create as he chose. Shit may be traumatic and beyond his control, but how he dealt with it was his choice. It was time to draw on his courageous inner big-dawg. Shortly thereafter, a nice couple who were also spending their Katrinacation in H-Town came looking specifically for pet who was displaced from the storm. A week later Max was back in New Orleans living in a cute little shot-gun house in Gentilly.

Genevieve decided to accept her lot in life where she was and approach each new day with gratitude and the fine art of allowing The Universe to manifest what she requested. She decided no more insomnia and meowing to the top of her lungs and pacing in her kennel. She may have used up about 6 lives enduring those scortching hot days after the storm, but damnit she had 3 more! She decided to pray and ask Bast to send her the same good fortune Papa Legba had sent Max. She now had a posh home in an art gallerey on Royal St. in the French Quarter.

I was lucky enough to see her in the exact same pose when I walked by again half an hour later as she lay there in a state of utter bliss knowing all was right with the world.

I got Genevieve's message loud and clear.

A great stone to work with for these type issues is clear calcite. Here is the piece I just got last week. Look at gorgeous rainbows in this miniature block of ice! If you'd like to know more about how to work with this stone, check out these resources:

*The Gill Tarot by U.S. Games*




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