Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ostara 2013 - Dancing Between the Light and the Dark

Welcome, in particular for those who are following on along on the Ostara Bloghop. If you are moving forward on the hop, you have come from Aisling's blog.

Ostara is a celebration of the Vernal or Spring Equinox, a time where the hours of light and darkness are balanced, and this years theme for the Bloghop is addressing that magickal balance of the two. I decided to keep it pretty simple, an act in and of itself a means of seeking balance within my own self as this is not my usual tendency lol. Ever since I read about the topic, I've seen The Sun card from the Tarot of Vampyers in my head. This card expresses that delicate balance when opposing forces meet. Masculine/feminine. Darkness/light. This gorgeous couple stands before the blazing sun which upon closer inspection seems to have a pale moon at its center. They call to mind Persephone and Hades. The field of roses in bloom denote Persephone's mother Demeter eagerly awaiting the arrival of her daughter from the depths of the Earth. The girl who was once a victim has not only made peace with her circumstances, she has become a woman and defied the odds by using the situation to her advantage. She stands before her king who has escorted her back to the Earth's surface as his equal in a lovers exchange. He has been tempered by her compassion and her courage and allows himself to be vulnerable in his queens embrace. The fact that both their eyes are closed demonstrates the phrase "in perfect love and perfect trust". Him allowing her to touch his face truly shows he has found his sanctuary in her.

Where in each of our lives can we create more balance and harmony? What past indiscretions need to be brought to light so that we may heal? Where can we replace aggression with compassion? But let us not forget the other end of the spectrum. What things do we need to bury in the shadows and stop constantly highlighting so that they might finally heal? Where have we shown too much compassion and not assertively taken a stand? I specifically have chosen The Wheel of Fortune from the deck in answer. It speaks to me of the perfect harmony and flux of life's many cycles. The gradual change of the color of the roses, the blooms and the thorns, the three creatures who are keeping the wheel in motion. All of this shows that life the answers to life's questions are not always black and white, good vs evil, dominance vs submission, right vs wrong. Today I will meditate on these two cards and set my intention for the day to remain in a state of harmony with the shadow and light of my being.

If you are continuing on the hop, your next stop is Jonanne's lovely blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and Blessed Ostara!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Today My Aura Is Violet

The past month has been on of the most magickal, healing, enlightening of my life. Real talk folks! I've basically lived an entire Sundance film lol, and the best part is that due to this awakening, I now truly understand that this is MY movie and I am the director and the star!

I felt my Secret Language of Colour oracle from Blue Angel publishing (LOVE the decks!) calling to me. I asked "What color is my aura today?" I pulled Violet! How fitting with all of the spiritual things that have transpired over the past few weeks, but in particular the past 48 hours. Violet is associate with both the crown and third eye chakras, the connection to intuition, psychic abilities, and Spirit. The creatrix of the deck Inna Segal says it is also good for healing insomnia (like using lavender sheet spray or oil) and for physical injury to the eyes, brain, and nervous system. She also explains that helps release karma and gain freedom from past issues.

So I did a meditation using the violet ray to bring balance and to keep me stress free and and in harmony with Spirit. I'm on a whole different level these days and plan to continue ascending!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ruby Slippers & Angel Wings


I felt like making a post. I grabbed my Ludy Lescot Tarot and opened up to the 6 of Pentacles. I studied it for a second. Then I shuffled and cut as I normally do. I opened up to the 6ofP. Guess it's pretty clear that is what Spirit wants me speak on.

The 6ofP for me has always been about not forgetting where you came from once you've made it. I see a woman of means but something about her seems to so to me that she has known hard times in the past. Though her situation has changed drastically, she still remembers the vow she made to always be of service to others in need, especially children who are still at a point where hope is still in their eyes. She knows it is crucial to nurture and inspire that before the candlelight of glorious possiblitlies burns out and becomes like the factories in the background, spewing smoldering soot and expelling toxic fumes that block out light and hope and cause joy to erode from the inside out. I see the wishing well and she has given each child 2 coins a piece. One to save so they have security they can count on and one to spend and cast into the well so that they know that life is full of limitless abundance if you always pay your blessings forward and give from a place of selflessness and sincerity. Her slate blue and grey dress, the book in her hand and the veil over her face says to me that she has the qualities of The High Priestess. She is intuitive of the needs of others and she is a healer. It is because of this the children are naturally drawn to her. They know they are safe and though they are just meeting her, she truly has their well being at heart.

Holy crap, this is completely reminiscent of two beautiful young ladies I read for two days ago! I figured, what the hay, two pre-teens, what could I possibly have to read?! Well they ended up being the most challenging yet rewarding clients I've EVER read for! It was an honor that Spirit blessed me with the privilege to read for these girls and I'll never forget how deeply they touched my heart. If I ever have a daughter, I pray she is as courageous, strong and special as these two girls. And Goddess willing, may I have given the same sense of security and love and hope as the woman on this card.

I'm SO very proud of you girls!!! Thank you for all you gave to me! Here is one of my favorite songs and videos by one of my favorite groups! Happy Birthday, your god mamma loves you and is so very proud of you!!! <3 <3



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Endangered Sharks

I just tripped over something that Arwen reTweeted and even though I just made a post 15 min ago I had to make another one with regard to this topic. It is about a victory for 5 shark species winning protection from be being slaughtered for shark fin soup. So I grabbed my beloved Tarot of Vampyres deck to ask LaSirene, the Lwa (spirit) who embodies the ocean how she felt about this. She once appeared to me as a hammer head when I needed protection. She had me to shuffle and intentionally look for not just one but two of her significators and the three cards that followed. Her answer was quite clear both times.

As the Queen of Cups - Elementally, I notice that there are 2 water (the sea) and 1 earth (the animals that live in it)

5 of Skulls (Pentacles) - Of all decks, this one really speaks to the gravity of the situation of the 5of P. Look at how this beautiful creature lays there bleeding out after being savagely mauled!

Ace of Grails (cups) - A perfect representation of the ocean and her love for her domain and all of its creatures.

7 of Grails (cups) - Looking at the card it feels like the entire scene is under water. It is as if this is LaSirene conducting a ritual to ensure their protection, possibly even to ensure accountability for those responsible for harming her children.


As the Daughter of Grails -

Ace of Knives - Holy crap, if this doesn't speak volumes in reference to their fins being cut off their bodies!

6 of Scepters (wands) - the victory card!

4 of Chalices - Though a small victory was won, there is so much sorrow for the loss of her children. This shows how the sharks are discarded and left to bleed out and die a horrible death after being captured long enough dismembered and tortured.

I can only pray that efforts to protect ocean and all wildlife continues and we do not completely eliminate beings that have existed for millions of years.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't Put Out Fires With Gasoline

I have been experiencing some pretty amazing spiritual occurrences lately. One of them is something that is occurring on my alter to Ezili Danto. (Given her extreme fondness for blades she is the Queen of Swords in the tarot) Some things happened that caught her attention and caused her extremely protective motherly nature to be quite heated. So much so that I had to take the advice that those with far more experience than I when it comes to dealing with Spirit and not work with her and do everything to cool her down. I haven't done anything more than say hello and change her water and not worn red in over 3 weeks. Danto's protection can be like bringing an RPG (rocket propelled granade) to a fist fight. It seems that she loves me so dearly that I don't even have to ask for her help. She keeps an eye on me like a Mom with eyes in the back of her head.

When you put water on alters you want it to be room temperature because some spirits are "hot" and some "cool" ones and don't want to shift that. But since I needed to cool Mamma Danto off, I had to put ice cold water on her alter. Anything less may be like putting jet fuel on a match cause she real fired up these days. Each time I do, something very interesting happens. Now I'm not well versed enough in physics to break it down but the short version is this. Bubbles that do not move when the glass is tapped and look almost like little glass beads form within about 5-10 min after I put the chalice on her alter. The way it was explained to me is that this can only occur when there is a drastic difference in temperature that has come in contact with an object. Meaning something very hot touched the cold glass in order for the bubbles to have formed like this. Tonight makes the third time it has happened. All I can say is the next time I question if Spirit is around me I'll remember what a dumb ass question that is lol!
*deck used is Tarot of the Sweet Twilight from LoScarabeo, quite possibly my favorite version of the QofSw of any deck. Not sure why the Blogsy app always distorts the images/angle of the photos of the cards*


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wishing With the Cosmic Tarot

I was really at a loss as to what to blog about. So I did what any tarot reader does when they need guidance. I grabbed the closest deck to me which happened to be my Cosmic Tarot by U.S. Games and asked the cards. After shuffling twice a card flew out, the 9 of cups.

This version is so different from most because it has two individuals instead of one. The 9 of cups is known as "wish card". The two on this card seem to have done a lot of soul searching and self-actualization prior to making a wish for a mate. I notice how his face is shadowed. He has accepted his shadow side, he is faking no moves and chose to show her exactly who he is as opposed to just showing her what he thought she wants to see. From the look on her face, she sees all of him and accepts him for who be is, not who he may or may not potentially become. She looks at him lovingly. Everything about her stays self confidence, grace, contentment. The scarf on her head makes me think of a mushwa, a scarf worn by Vodou practitioners to protect their crown chakra. She is in touch with her spirits who speak to her and give her guidance. The sun rises as they sit on what looks like the bayou, yet there are mountains in the background. This says that they have overcome many obstacles to get to this place of growth and beauty. As long as they remember the lessons learned from crossing the mountainous terrain, it looks like the star they wished upon is that sun shining down on them.

Are you in a relationship or single? What things are you wishing for? Are you seeing your partner for who he/she truly is? Or for that matter, are you seeing your self?

*Not sure is more than one video is posting. For some reason iPad or the Blogsy app don't always remove them from showing on the actual post even if they seem to be deleted on the preview*

*explicit lyrics, discretion is advised*


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