Thursday, March 14, 2013

Endangered Sharks

I just tripped over something that Arwen reTweeted and even though I just made a post 15 min ago I had to make another one with regard to this topic. It is about a victory for 5 shark species winning protection from be being slaughtered for shark fin soup. So I grabbed my beloved Tarot of Vampyres deck to ask LaSirene, the Lwa (spirit) who embodies the ocean how she felt about this. She once appeared to me as a hammer head when I needed protection. She had me to shuffle and intentionally look for not just one but two of her significators and the three cards that followed. Her answer was quite clear both times.

As the Queen of Cups - Elementally, I notice that there are 2 water (the sea) and 1 earth (the animals that live in it)

5 of Skulls (Pentacles) - Of all decks, this one really speaks to the gravity of the situation of the 5of P. Look at how this beautiful creature lays there bleeding out after being savagely mauled!

Ace of Grails (cups) - A perfect representation of the ocean and her love for her domain and all of its creatures.

7 of Grails (cups) - Looking at the card it feels like the entire scene is under water. It is as if this is LaSirene conducting a ritual to ensure their protection, possibly even to ensure accountability for those responsible for harming her children.


As the Daughter of Grails -

Ace of Knives - Holy crap, if this doesn't speak volumes in reference to their fins being cut off their bodies!

6 of Scepters (wands) - the victory card!

4 of Chalices - Though a small victory was won, there is so much sorrow for the loss of her children. This shows how the sharks are discarded and left to bleed out and die a horrible death after being captured long enough dismembered and tortured.

I can only pray that efforts to protect ocean and all wildlife continues and we do not completely eliminate beings that have existed for millions of years.



  1. Every little victory counts :) And yet it's so sad that we have to fight these battles and celebrate these victories, rather than living in a world where we naturally protect and honour this wonderful planet in all its diversity! Beautiful reading, Krysten :)

  2. Thank you C, I'm so honored by how LaSirene spoke so to me so clearly and by using 2 significators. And it is true that even a small victory counts. Yet so embarrassing the behavior of our species.



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