Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ostara 2013 - Dancing Between the Light and the Dark

Welcome, in particular for those who are following on along on the Ostara Bloghop. If you are moving forward on the hop, you have come from Aisling's blog.

Ostara is a celebration of the Vernal or Spring Equinox, a time where the hours of light and darkness are balanced, and this years theme for the Bloghop is addressing that magickal balance of the two. I decided to keep it pretty simple, an act in and of itself a means of seeking balance within my own self as this is not my usual tendency lol. Ever since I read about the topic, I've seen The Sun card from the Tarot of Vampyers in my head. This card expresses that delicate balance when opposing forces meet. Masculine/feminine. Darkness/light. This gorgeous couple stands before the blazing sun which upon closer inspection seems to have a pale moon at its center. They call to mind Persephone and Hades. The field of roses in bloom denote Persephone's mother Demeter eagerly awaiting the arrival of her daughter from the depths of the Earth. The girl who was once a victim has not only made peace with her circumstances, she has become a woman and defied the odds by using the situation to her advantage. She stands before her king who has escorted her back to the Earth's surface as his equal in a lovers exchange. He has been tempered by her compassion and her courage and allows himself to be vulnerable in his queens embrace. The fact that both their eyes are closed demonstrates the phrase "in perfect love and perfect trust". Him allowing her to touch his face truly shows he has found his sanctuary in her.

Where in each of our lives can we create more balance and harmony? What past indiscretions need to be brought to light so that we may heal? Where can we replace aggression with compassion? But let us not forget the other end of the spectrum. What things do we need to bury in the shadows and stop constantly highlighting so that they might finally heal? Where have we shown too much compassion and not assertively taken a stand? I specifically have chosen The Wheel of Fortune from the deck in answer. It speaks to me of the perfect harmony and flux of life's many cycles. The gradual change of the color of the roses, the blooms and the thorns, the three creatures who are keeping the wheel in motion. All of this shows that life the answers to life's questions are not always black and white, good vs evil, dominance vs submission, right vs wrong. Today I will meditate on these two cards and set my intention for the day to remain in a state of harmony with the shadow and light of my being.

If you are continuing on the hop, your next stop is Jonanne's lovely blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and Blessed Ostara!



  1. Good morning, dear neighbor! Looks like we are also geographic neighbors (**waves from Houston**). I'm not normally into the vampire thing, but this is a beautiful deck. I love the vulnerability in the Sun card and the roses in the Wheel remind me of the ones I just cut from my garden and brought inside yesterday. Feels good and springy with the rain and temperatures falling at the same time (if you don't have the rain yet, you should shortly). Blessed subtropical spring!

    1. Hey Neighbor! Thanks for the weather heads up! I was planning on going out to Jax Sq and reading but I guess I'll have to see now.
      I am a total Vampyre floosie tee-hee! I truly don't think there is a vampire deck that can compare with the elegance and beauty of this one, I'm so glad you like it. I'd love to see a picture of the roses from your garden and I can't wait to check out all of your blogs! My Lord you are going to make me become a disciplined blogger lol! How many do you have lady, 12!? LOL
      On that note, I'm off to read your post! Blessed Ostara!

  2. I love the specific intention setting. It's a good thing to do. And all you Houston folk need to come to Austin. :D

    1. I'm finding miraculous results with it Arwen!
      I do love H-Town but I'ma have to roll on over to Austin. I've always heard such great things and we get lots of visitors at Voodoo Authentica.

  3. This is my favourite Vampire deck, too - just beautiful. I see a skull in the Sun, another link to Persephone and Hades :) And I loved the questions you posed! May the Wheel continue turning...



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