Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ruby Slippers & Angel Wings


I felt like making a post. I grabbed my Ludy Lescot Tarot and opened up to the 6 of Pentacles. I studied it for a second. Then I shuffled and cut as I normally do. I opened up to the 6ofP. Guess it's pretty clear that is what Spirit wants me speak on.

The 6ofP for me has always been about not forgetting where you came from once you've made it. I see a woman of means but something about her seems to so to me that she has known hard times in the past. Though her situation has changed drastically, she still remembers the vow she made to always be of service to others in need, especially children who are still at a point where hope is still in their eyes. She knows it is crucial to nurture and inspire that before the candlelight of glorious possiblitlies burns out and becomes like the factories in the background, spewing smoldering soot and expelling toxic fumes that block out light and hope and cause joy to erode from the inside out. I see the wishing well and she has given each child 2 coins a piece. One to save so they have security they can count on and one to spend and cast into the well so that they know that life is full of limitless abundance if you always pay your blessings forward and give from a place of selflessness and sincerity. Her slate blue and grey dress, the book in her hand and the veil over her face says to me that she has the qualities of The High Priestess. She is intuitive of the needs of others and she is a healer. It is because of this the children are naturally drawn to her. They know they are safe and though they are just meeting her, she truly has their well being at heart.

Holy crap, this is completely reminiscent of two beautiful young ladies I read for two days ago! I figured, what the hay, two pre-teens, what could I possibly have to read?! Well they ended up being the most challenging yet rewarding clients I've EVER read for! It was an honor that Spirit blessed me with the privilege to read for these girls and I'll never forget how deeply they touched my heart. If I ever have a daughter, I pray she is as courageous, strong and special as these two girls. And Goddess willing, may I have given the same sense of security and love and hope as the woman on this card.

I'm SO very proud of you girls!!! Thank you for all you gave to me! Here is one of my favorite songs and videos by one of my favorite groups! Happy Birthday, your god mamma loves you and is so very proud of you!!! <3 <3




  1. Love your poetic description of the card. Your words have added a new depth of meaning to this card for me :)

  2. Sounds like those girls are also blessed to have you as a supportive goddess-mamma! I loved your positive reading of this card, I've always seen it in a much darker light...

    1. Awww, thank you C! I am so blessed to have had the privilege of these wee goddess touch my life and for The Goddess to give me the right words in the right way to give them tools to empower their lives. They have since text and are doing well! I've taught them to set the intention for their day as soon as they wake up in order to create the reality they want to see. My boss Brandi taught me that back in Dec and I've had miraculous results and am now learning quantum jumping/healing!



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