Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bee-ing Prosperous With Mamma Oshun

One of the African spirits I honor is Oshun. She is the Orisha of love, happiness, sensuality and prosperity. Her colors are yellow, green, gold, and orange. Sacred items to her include: pumpkins, sunflowers, the sun, oranges, honey, cinnamon. Animals sacred to her include bees and peacocks. She is the "sweet water", the rivers. I have gone down to the banks of the Mighty Misissippi to give thanks to her for favors granted. On my personal altar to her I have several things that either I thought she'd like or that she asked me for. I love how the candlelight illuminates the amber and green calcite. I keep money that has her sacred oil on it to ask that when I put it in my wallet and then spend it more will be drawn back to me. I give her thanks and say that I know that the money I spend enriches the lives of others and comes back to me multiplied. I've noticed this has really helped with relationship with money and seeing it as an energy exchange, thus helping to release the fear of the lack of it.

*my personal altar to Oshun*


One night last week while doing cards on The Square, my friend Jewel (another reader) and I stared singing one of her songs. It was a kinda slow night and money was scarce. Within about 15 minutes I had my first reading of the night. Very shortly thereafter so did another friend. We both went home quite pleased and grateful. The next night Jewel set up my table for me. When I sat down I saw something that amazed us both. On the lip of one of my candles was a honey bee! She seemed like she was unwell and needing to rest to regain her strength. I got to my setup at about 5:30 and left at about 01:00. I even carried the candle home and that bee stayed with me! I gave her a tiny drop of some delicious German honey, said a prayer of thanks to Mamma Oshun and left the candle outside in my courtyard so she could find some flowers. The last time I checked at about 04:00 thshe was, but the next day she was gone. This week I found 3 bees in my house buzzing around in the kitchen, one in the bathroom.


I associate her with the Queen of Wands in tarot. Call on her for help when working with the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. She will help you to create most anything you want, including financial abundance, art, music, inspiration, joy and passion for life itself.


Here is a beautiful song for Oshun



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