Thursday, August 29, 2013

Serving Oya on Katrina's 8th Aniversary

*Oya - click to see this glorious deck!
Today marks the 8th Aniversary of Hurricane Katrina. There is so much detail I could give with regard to my own personal experience, but to be completely honest, I just plain don't want to right now. But I will tell you I sat in the airport for 8 1/2 hours that day. NOTHING but the power of prayer/positive affirmation got me the hell out of there or the city, trust and believe me on that!

There is a specific spirit who rules over storms, Oya. She is a warrior, the the keeper of the cemetaries, winds of change, and associated with massive transformation. When you need to release the things that no longer serve you well, you can call on Oya, but in my personal experience and that of those I know to have worked with her, she ain't for the faint of heart. You'd be well advised to only call on Oya when you are sick and tired if being sick and tired! She and her sister Oshun (with whom she does not get along) have both been all around me for the past 2 weeks, sending very specific signs and messages to me. As a matter of fact, Oshun told me I had to ask Oya to clear my path before she could bring in her gifts of joy and prosperity. (Note the phrase "clear my path". Ever seen footage of the path a tornado leaves when it cuts through?! It's kinda like that, it ain't pretty folks. In fact, to be blunt, it rather sucks I'd have to say!) The lady has been quite busy, and I can't say I'm not a bit worse for the wear. The thing is, your life is always better for it once th storm is over. She is the school of hard knocks.

Oya's sacred day is Wednesday and her colors are dark purple and burgundy. Items sacred to her are black plums, red grapes, red wine, eggplants, storm clouds, wind, and the machete she uses to chop down and clear out anything obstructing your path. In the tarot, she comes up for me as the Ace of Swords, the Queen of Swords, or the Death XIII card. You could call on her during a storm or when it is windy. Write or speak your petiton for the changes you need or want and ask her for the courage to weather the storm. Then place any of these cards in front of a purple candle with one of the items sacred to her. To show your gratitude, take any of these items to a cemetery, leaving it at the gate since she is who watches over it.


I brought her a gorgeous eggplant today and put it on her altar to say thank your for giving me the strength to withstand the massive changes going on in and around my life. It was also thanking her for keeping The Crescent Lady safe so far this hurricane season. And for the blessings, strength and courage that came from Katrina. The one new lesson I'm learning is to stop resisting the winds of change she blows and allow her to have you land where she sees fit and is best for you to start your path anew.



QofSw - Vampire Tarot Deck by Nathalie Hurtz for U.S. Games

Death - Tarot of Vampires by Ian Daniels

Ace of Sw - Dark Angels Tarot by Luca Russco for LoSacrabeo



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