Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't Put Out Fires With Gasoline

I have been experiencing some pretty amazing spiritual occurrences lately. One of them is something that is occurring on my alter to Ezili Danto. (Given her extreme fondness for blades she is the Queen of Swords in the tarot) Some things happened that caught her attention and caused her extremely protective motherly nature to be quite heated. So much so that I had to take the advice that those with far more experience than I when it comes to dealing with Spirit and not work with her and do everything to cool her down. I haven't done anything more than say hello and change her water and not worn red in over 3 weeks. Danto's protection can be like bringing an RPG (rocket propelled granade) to a fist fight. It seems that she loves me so dearly that I don't even have to ask for her help. She keeps an eye on me like a Mom with eyes in the back of her head.

When you put water on alters you want it to be room temperature because some spirits are "hot" and some "cool" ones and don't want to shift that. But since I needed to cool Mamma Danto off, I had to put ice cold water on her alter. Anything less may be like putting jet fuel on a match cause she real fired up these days. Each time I do, something very interesting happens. Now I'm not well versed enough in physics to break it down but the short version is this. Bubbles that do not move when the glass is tapped and look almost like little glass beads form within about 5-10 min after I put the chalice on her alter. The way it was explained to me is that this can only occur when there is a drastic difference in temperature that has come in contact with an object. Meaning something very hot touched the cold glass in order for the bubbles to have formed like this. Tonight makes the third time it has happened. All I can say is the next time I question if Spirit is around me I'll remember what a dumb ass question that is lol!
*deck used is Tarot of the Sweet Twilight from LoScarabeo, quite possibly my favorite version of the QofSw of any deck. Not sure why the Blogsy app always distorts the images/angle of the photos of the cards*



  1. Love how you combine humour and spirituality :D

  2. Lol thanks, I write like I speak so who I am kinda comes out. I try to keep it a little more tame on this blog than how I am on my other one! Now if only Blogsy had spellcheck!



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