Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Are All Made of Stars

(I have seen more signs and symbolism in nature in the past week than National Geographic! I am out in bayou country and out here it's not really that odd. But for this city girl, it is most definitely not the norm. And it's not like I'm outdoors for long periods of time. So I am taking them as messages for me, especially since I have been praying for signs on how to deal with the extreme stress I'm making my way through. In this post I will talk about only one of the many and that is the star. I was outside of the phone (NO reception on the cell!) and I was talking to a very dear friend who is also my trainer, giving her an update on what is going on with me. I was telling her how my cousin whom I adore was saying to me to keep the faith that my luck will change. He was like, "You made it out of town before Katrina hit when it had seemed like all hope was lost and you'd be stuck here, you'll make it through this!" (He just turned 20 today, the wise old sage.) I then said how much I needed to take that to heart, but as challenging as things are right about now, that was real hard to do. I turn around and my eye catches the most gorgeous, huge, falling star! It was breathtaking because out here the nighttime sky is like a sparkling diamond mine. My friend on the phone is an Aquarius, the zodiac sign associated with the Star XVII card. And the dilemma we were discussing is my needing to find a new apartment. The Star also means moving or changing residence.

The Star XVII is all about hope, joy, healing.  I remember years ago when I left my ex 3 days after he broke up with me on my birthday. At 04:28,  through a face full of snot and tears I saw a shooting star. I remember saying out loud to myself, "I don't know how, but I know everything is going to be ok." I called my best friend since 8th grade with no explanation, just sobbing and choking and told her I was I just getting onto I~95  and I should be there by 10:00. She just said, "I'll put the grits on the stove at 9:30 and spray the lavender sheet spray in your room."

That's The Star XVII card. It's It's your angles and guides showing you the way. It's the candle in the window. It's the light in the eyes of someone who loves and believes in you, even though you may not know that that light is not just their love but an actual reflection of what is inside of you. It's a mother's love, which is why I think on many versions of the Empress III she has a crown of stars like the Blessed Mother. It's being a leader, a shining example to others, to the world, a person of great integrity who has earned respect. It's having the courage to keep going when it seems like there is no hope, and yet... you still believe. In friendship, in yourself, in something greater than yourself. After all, Carl Sagan explained that everything on Earth is made up of the most minute particles of stars.

(a very cool version of the video. Lots of gorgeous pix of actual stars)



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