Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ezili Dantor and the Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords There are many powerful Haitian spirits, or Lwa. One of the most misunderstood and most vilified is Ezili Danto . Tuesday is her sacred day. In the tarot, she is the Queen of Swords. In fact, blades are one of  her most sacred items. First and foremost she is a devoted mother and fierce protectress. Like the QofSw she is direct and to the point, no nonsense, very intelligent and a woman of action who gets results. She takes matters into her own hands and doesn't mind it one bit if they have to get a bit dirty. She is raw and gritty and makes no apologies for it. She is painfully honest and can see and cut straight through bullshit, deception or hidden agendas so you'd do wise to not come to her with any of the above. Think... Gemini female. They can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. The argument could be made that they are crazy and irrational as well as just plain mean. It could also be made that if you approach them with foolishness, dishonesty or a trickery, you get what you deserve. That could be a razor sharp tongue. It could be getting shanked. I'm jus sayin'... But if you are lucky enough to have one your side, you have a valiant ally.

You can seek Ezili Danto's assistance for a number of issues, but she is prone to show favor on certain groups in particular: single mothers, abused women and children, victims of violent crime, women with their own businesses, victims of rape or incest, gay and in particular lesbian individuals, and any one being oppressed or mistreated. Clearly, if you have caused any harm to anyone who fits into any of these categories, it would be ill advised to seek help from her. Items sacred to Danto are cigars, rum, red wine, yams, hot peppers, hot sauce, pineapples, knives/blades, sweet potatoes, red roses with thorns, Florida water, silver jewelry, and unfiltered cigarettes, Lucky Strikes in particular. Another great way to connect with her is by using her veve. Each Lwa has their own veve, or symbol. It acts as a calling card for that particular spirit. Danto's colors are blood red and royal blue. These things can be used on an alter to her, or to call upon her to ask for help or to show your gratitude after she has helped you. (And always put water on an alter to any of the Lwa)She does not require a lot, nor expensive or extravagant gifts in or for her to do work for you. But you must give her something to show your respect and appreciate her. It doesn't have to be complicated, just sincere. And if you make a promise, by all means keep it! If you say you will light red and blue candles and leave a bottle of Night Train or a 40oz and a pack of Kool's and a yam do so! She is a very loving but stern Mamma, not a woman to be toyed with or taken for granted. She will also help with prosperity. Now she most likely wont just give you money like other spirits will, but she will provide you with the opportunities to earn it, particularly if you need to provide for a child or to get out of an abusive or dangerous situation.

Untitled *my alter for Ezili Danto* One more thing that is very important to mention. This is Ezili Danto. Do NOT confuse her with her sister, who's name I won't even put in the same sentence. I will explain further in future post, but suffice it to say they do NOT like each other! Don't ask them to work on the same situation. And by all means do NOT have their alters next to nor facing each other.

Call on Danto if you need protection and the courage to fight and find strength when you need it. She honors vulnerability, raw honesty, hard work and will help you conquer fear by facing it head on teach you to survive as well as thrive in spite of adversity or oppression.
Untitled *Danto's veve*


  1. What an interesting post! I didn't know a single thing I read here today, so I am happy you invited me over to read! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for checking in and commenting Manda! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and got something from it.

  3. Great entry. On my next visit I will bring my friend's stepdaughter again to see Ezili Danto. Remember her sadness, it's worsening. She was crying hysterically when we left to return to Atlanta. She is not being treated fairly in her home. I've tried talking to her parents, but they just don't get it. :-\

  4. I am so very sorry that she is experiencing such a challenging situation. Even though she is so young, I pray she can develop the wisdom right now to see this as a huge opportunity to create who she wants to be and the life she chooses. That regardless of the trauma of her external conditions, SHE HAS THE POWER to determine what her internal life condition is! When you all come, I'll ask one of the priests at the shop about another spirit to go to first. I've realized Danto is like bringing a Sherman tank when you may only need a Ford 150.
    But then again... Sometimes ya need a Sherman tank.

  5. As I just hit send, Spirit showed me that she needs to watch movies, tv, books ect that show confident, powerful female role models who over come traumatic situations. Not just survive them, but actually thrive as a result of having chosen who they would be in the situation. Unfortunately everything that comes o mind right now has adult content or is too juvenile. Ok. Now they just showed me the tv show Once Upon a Time. There is one character in particular she will identify with. But there is also a book, but I have no idea what it is. But it won't be as romanticized as Once is. If I get anymore on it I will let you know.

  6. Thank you for your reading Saturday night/Sunday morning. I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with you. It was most definitely one of the highlights of my visit to New Orleans. You have a beautiful spirit; my thoughts and prayers will be with you. :)

  7. Erzulie Dantor,

    Please see and hear my heartfelt prayer to you. Please help me and come to my aide. We need you.

  8. Sending you prayers of healing and protection.

  9. i love Dantor. i feel that Dantor also loves art. Not for its monetary or aesthetic value, but for the emotional significance and sentimental value. I also think she's fascinated with technology (electronics in particular) and how to use it to help people.

  10. Ezilie danthor she a lovely spirit is love her so much.she my mother

    1. Ayibobo,Sister.❤��

  11. I been to many ceremonies but reading this made me more aware of Dan to. Great read.

  12. Mother Danto is the Lwa of which has chosen to be my closest of the Lwa that I have come to be acquainted with. I do not ask her nor anyone else why she has blessed me, nor would I ever. Now, after approaching Mother Danto with EXTREME humbling caution,(for obvious reasons),I have realized that she was always there. Along with her Matriarchal Heart. Ayibobo,Mother-Ezili Danto. ��❤



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