Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn 2018

I'm getting the bug to return to blogging again. I both astonishes and warms my heart to see how often people from all of the world still find and read this. Hell, that anyone does! I don't lol. So this is my attempt to slide back in due to the loving encouragement from one of my dearest friends who is a Capricorn like myself. I would love to have gotten some very specific Capricorn traits that seem to be text book characteristics that are attributed to my sun sign that I seemingly missed out on. Like being able to focus, having consistent financial security and excellent business skills. It's like I stepped out of the line to go to the bathroom or something and when i got back it was to late. --- These are not statements that will lead to me shifting that energy are they. While I strongly believe in astrology, I also believe that we can't use it as a crutch to excuse behaviors that are not beneficial to continue to repeat. So I decided to tap into this energy of the cosmos last night and use it to benefit me. Many astrologers are saying it is so powerful that it will still be accessible 48 hours after it has technically passed. 

Yesterday was the new moon in Capricorn. There are also like 6 planets in Capricorn. Since I'm not well-versed in astrology beyond the basics i had to look up some info on how to make the most of this energy. A lovely woman on YouTube, Barbara Goldsmith does great videos on planetary alignments. Her warm and sincerity come through so beautifully, she's an absolute delight. One of the things she said it's a good time to use this energy for is to take action without hesitation when inspiration hits. So here I am. Not talking myself out of making this post for any of a multitude of reasons. Which calls to mind the reason I created this blog several years ago, to be kind of a journal or mind-dump.  Not to impress anyone with my literary skills or ancient wisdom lol. And this post is to get me used to fiddling around with the process. Even just the act of typing, which is NOT something I generally prefer to do. So let's get to this spell info shall we. Here's what I used. 

Capricorn New Moon Spell  

  • candle - I adore candle magick. I'm not comfortable with doing spell work without a candle. As an earth sign, colours that work well with Capricorn are brown, black, dark grey or dark green (white is always an option for any candle magick of any kind) I chose a beautiful deep forest green shade. Unfortunately the camera read it as a nasty, brackish water brown lol! 
  • crystals - Smoky quartz, hematite, garnet and obsidian are perfect for working with Capricorn energy.  I used my hematite necklace and my earrings made of black obsidian and smoky quartz. The shape of them being rectangular and square enhance the energy of this work.
  • arch angel energy - As I write these words, I'm getting cross with myself that I didn't invoke ArchAngel Casiel. He rules over the sign of Capricorn and thus the planet Saturn. He's great for assisting when you're ready to buckle down, dig your heels in like a goat and stubbornly work with determination to reach your goal. 
  • glyph/symbol - At first I was cross that F&F, the botantica I went to that has every candle under the sun, didn't have one of their Capricorn specific candles, but after i thought about it I was glad they didn't. I came home and drew the glyph for Capricorn with a Sharpie and then went over it with glittery nail polish.
  • brown paper - In hoodoo we use parchment or brown paper bag to write out a petition or spell. 
  • intention - the most important part. The only part that really matters. It's the "why" behind the spell, what it is that your want to take from desire or wish and bring into the now. 
  • imagery - with this spell I created mental pictures and scenes of what I desire actually occurring. I find it extremely helpful to use the Abraham-Hicks process of "wouldn't it be nice if..." Saying those words can really go a long way to shifting energy from doubt to allowing desires to manifest in the physical, tangible realm. 

I hope this encourages of inspires you to try your hand at working with candle magick and planetary aspect if you've not done so and are considering it. And I have enjoyed following the inspiration to make a post after such a long time. To any and all who read and enjoy or gain some benefit from it, thank you and may starlit blessings be yours.


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