Sunday, June 10, 2018

Erzulie Freda, Lady In PInk

There are a great many spirits honoured in Haitian Vodou which are called the Lwa. These spirits are often syncretized with Catholic Saints, meaning the energies are very deeply enmeshed. One of these spirits who is very well known is Erzulie Freda. There are a multitude of spirits in Freda's "train" or entourage, but I am referring specifically to Freda Dahomey. The saint used to represent her is Mater Dolorosa, whose name translates to "grieving mother". She is also known as:

  • Our Lady of Heartful Sorrows
  • Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
  • Mother of Sorrows

The Catholic Saint is the aspect of the Blessed Virgin who experienced 7 specific, painful events leading up to, and including, Christ's crucifixion and burial. Imagery of her portrays the Blessed Mother in a state of mourning with tears streaming down her face and 7 daggers piercing her heart.

Many people believe that Freda is who one should call upon for love. After all, the primary color used to represent her is pink, followed by blue and gold. She loves anything beautiful, romantic and hyper-feminine. She is the embodiment of feminine refinement and luxury.

Some of her favorite offerings include:
  • Pink flowers, roses in particular
  • Beautiful jewelery
  • Sparkling gems
  • Pink champagne
  • Delicious pastries, preferably French
  • Heart-shaped objects
  • Beautiful perfumes, Pompeiia in particular 

But it's a very common misconception that Erzuli Freda is the lwa one petitions for love. Romance, yes, but not true love. If we look at the imagery, it is clear that matters of the heart are not her specialty. Her heart is absolutely broken! Now if you want to improve your sense of self worth in terms of believing you deserve the finer things in life, she's your girl! Romance, prosperity, feeling beautiful and worthy of the finer things in life, yes.  You can go to Erzuli Freda to raise your station in life. So if that's a gift of a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, or grant in order to acquire your degree, Freda will most likely lend a helping hand for these external trappings to make you feel better about yourself and possibly improve your quality of life.

The thing to always keep in mind with her energy is that as wonderful as material things are they cannot buy love, happiness or a true sense of self worth. But we are after all spirits having an Earthly experience. Money isn't evil, the love of it to the point of being a slave to it is. But there is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of luxury.


One of my birthday presents this past year was from my beautiful friend Alessia, who as i write this I am realizing is the epitome of Freda energy in terms of refinement and social grace. She gave me a gorgeous first edition, limited release Pat McGrath LiquiLUST 007 liquid lipstick trio. (Yes, 007, like Bond. Makes me love it all the more!)

One of them is a bold pink with an ever-so-slight hint of blue undertones called Wreckage Totale. Not only is the posh pink shade perfect for Freda, but the fact that it is Pat McGrath - the woman is is touted as "the most influential makeup artist in the world". And that is according to Vogue editor-in-chief Dame Anna Wintour. She was also declared to be an official member of the Order of the British Empire  by Queen Elizabeth herself for her contribution to fashion and makeup.

I love everything about this lipstick! The formula is so rich, it's highly pigmented for amazing coverage and color payoff. Its matte finish delivers without being dehydrating or flaking. It is the definition of Erzuli Freda level luxury.

 If you'd like to invite Freda's energy into your life, you can:
  • Get a specific lipstick in a pink shade that makes you feel beautiful
  • Buy a bouquet of pink peonies, roses or lilies
  • Wear a heart-shaped pair of earrings or necklace
  • Draw a luxurious bath and drop in a pink bath bomb
  • Light a pink candle
  • Work with rose quartz
  • Spritz yourself with a rosewater

Self-love can mean a great many things. Spoiling yourself is by no means the only way, but it shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated either. 

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