Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Direction to Take CreoleMoon?

I'm searching for the particular direction I want to take this blog. I've been sitting here wondering what to do this week's post on. So I decided to ask tarot just that, what direction do I need to take Creole Moon to be of service to its audience? I chose to consult my Dark Angles tarot.


1. Page of Swords - This is a new blog and it is true that I am looking for a new way of communicating from the manner in which I do on another blog I have. I am far more long-winded (and raw lol) on that one. This page is saying I need to be clear, to educate, to be brief. I think this is also saying I need to plan out the posts in advance, maybe take a few notes, organize my thoughts and how I will communicate the message before I just dive right in.

2. Rx 9 of wands - Why did I know this card would come up when I saw it upon picking up the deck. This dark angel is saying to not stress too much about it and end up burned out. Don't make it hard. It's not.

3. The Hermit IX - This card confirms that this blog is to be more of a teaching tool than a personal blog. It is also saying that meditation will give me more clarity (yes Kiki, i hear you lmao) on how to best be of service to others with this blog.


If you have any thoughts or request on posts you'd like to see, topics you'd like covered, or a format you feel would be most beneficial, please feel free to comment.



  1. Ha, what more can we say, the cards say it all :) I'm enjoying seeing the information about your spiritual and healing practices...

  2. I guess they did huh lol! I'm glad to know that you are enjoying learning about my spiritual path and healing methods. Crystals are calling to me in a big way so I plan to incorporate them. And thanks to you ladies, the Lenormond bug is biting away LOL!

  3. Clear and concise message and I can only agree with the cards: Do not fret. If it's fun for you, it'll be fun for the readers! :) It's OK to not have arrived. You will grow with your blog and change direction many times. I do not see the Page of Swords as a card of strategy and planning as much as allowing your curiousity to guide you. The Hermit says you'll do great as a teacher and guiding light! xxx

  4. To clarify: It's OK to not have arrived at a precise formula for the blog.

  5. Thank you Lisa! This takes me back to a reading you did for me about 2 years ago with the wonderful Swedish Witch Tarot. The cards told me to stop worrying about the outcome! xxxx

  6. Love this simple reading Krysten! I totally agree with Lisa: the posts will come to you if you follow your sense of fun and wonder :D I'm really looking forward to watching this space!

    xo Shonna

    1. Thank you so much Shonna, I can feel your support and kind spirit all the way over here!



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