Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploring Crystal Healing

I am very interested in incorporating crystals with my tarot readings for healing work. After reading what the issues are that need to me addressed, I can know which crystals and stones are best for each particular situation. In this video I show you some of the stone I got from a visit to the French Quarter Gem and Lapidary.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Direction to Take CreoleMoon?

I'm searching for the particular direction I want to take this blog. I've been sitting here wondering what to do this week's post on. So I decided to ask tarot just that, what direction do I need to take Creole Moon to be of service to its audience? I chose to consult my Dark Angles tarot.


1. Page of Swords - This is a new blog and it is true that I am looking for a new way of communicating from the manner in which I do on another blog I have. I am far more long-winded (and raw lol) on that one. This page is saying I need to be clear, to educate, to be brief. I think this is also saying I need to plan out the posts in advance, maybe take a few notes, organize my thoughts and how I will communicate the message before I just dive right in.

2. Rx 9 of wands - Why did I know this card would come up when I saw it upon picking up the deck. This dark angel is saying to not stress too much about it and end up burned out. Don't make it hard. It's not.

3. The Hermit IX - This card confirms that this blog is to be more of a teaching tool than a personal blog. It is also saying that meditation will give me more clarity (yes Kiki, i hear you lmao) on how to best be of service to others with this blog.


If you have any thoughts or request on posts you'd like to see, topics you'd like covered, or a format you feel would be most beneficial, please feel free to comment.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fête Kongo 2013

The Twelfth Night after Chritmas is a very important one for several reasons. It is technically the beginning of Carnival Season. Mardi Gras is a day, Carnival is the season that leads up to it. It is also the Feat of the Epiphany, Adoration of The Magi, or Feast of Three Kings. The Haitian Lwa who represents the three kings is one of the Kongo spirits known as Simbi. (Actually Simbi is particular spirit with many diverse aspects.) He is represented as a water snake. To honor him my dear friend, fellow reader and traditional Haitian vodou priest Toby gave a spirit beautiful party (fête) for him and all of the Kongo spirits, Fete Kongo. It was a wonderful and magickal night! The synchronicites surronding everything leading up to it including the exact moment I arrived were astounding! So many Lwa came and I had unbelievable interaction with the one that I am closest to, LaSirene! I'll be post more on those things later.


Tonight I wanted to ask what I needed to take from that night and what did I need to share and teach others about here on the blog. It makes all the sense that I got two court cards and a major.
1. What did I need to take away from Feté Kongo? The Quill Queen (Queen of Swords) - This particular card surprised me in a way to be honest. I was expecting The High Priestess to be perfectly honest because of LaSirene. This is who represents Ezili Danto. I made a post about her before. She is probably the second closest spirit I work with so I guess it isn't that strange. One of the synchronicites I had was seeing both of her sacred animals that night! While driving there I saw a black pig right on the side of the hiway! Crazy man, just crazy. Having spent a lot of time in rural FL, GA, and LA I've not once ever seen a boar of any kind let alone a black one! Then later on a saw a black hen, her other animal! And my bosses precocious and adorable little girl, Lily named her Lucky! What makes this truly amazing is the fact that one of the dearest people in the world to me is named Lucky and he has developed a very strong bond with Mamma Danto. As a matter of fact he just left my house this evening. After living in New Orleans for many years, he is leaving town. I will miss him more than words can say.

(I think this card is to let me know a few other things, not just about the party. To remind me of the synchronicites surrounding her. That the blessing Lucky got from her last week will keep him safe in his travels. That she will always protect me and keep me safe even though he won't be her representative to do so. This gorgeous Queen holds a quill. No matter where he goes, he promised to keep in touch and he will. Mamma will remind him. There are others meanings I will save for another time, but this is a wonderful card to see tonight, Queen of Knives, Queen of Air)


2. What do I need to have others take away from reading about the fête?

A. Triskelion X - My annual card for 2013! In the Incidental Tarot this is the Wheel. As I look at the various colors swirling about, I think of how gorgeous a fête is, all of the beautiful colors on the alter and the variation of races celebrating and honoring Spirit. The swirling motion reminds me of the dancing we did all night. This card says we need to embrace and respect our differences, be it religion, race, socio-economics, gender, sexual orientation, whatever. We must move past stagnant mentality if we are to move forward and evolve.

B. The Arrow King - (King of Wands) - This king is here to let those who've never been to a Spirit party know just how much effort and passion goes into putting one together. It is a true labor of love, but so worth it. There are some hot and firey spirits that show up. If you ever have the privilege to attend, treat them with the utmost respect.


I am so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful night!



Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Moon in Capricorn

The new moon is the perfect time to do a spell to start new projects, bring things to you, start fresh. So with the Sun and Moon being in my personal Sun sign I figure this hold too much promise to let it pass me by. To capitalize on this cosmic energy I decided to do my favorite form of magick, candle magick. I also felt the pull of my personal Archangel Castiel. Lisa is extremely knowledgable about and has made many posts on how to work with angels so I consulted one of her blogs, Seer Pathways. Her post about working with Castiel explains why he is the perfect angel for doing work when the moon is in Capricorn. I also consulted the fabulous Starcana since she is an astrology guru. And to top it all off I pulled cards from a few different decks that I was intuitively led to choose from. If you'd like to do this spell here is what I used:

  • Snowflake obsidian
  • Archangel Castiel's sigil
  • White tea light candle (if I'd had green or brown I'd have used that)
  • Purple pen and a sheet of paper
  • Tarot cards - The World, The Devil, Queen, Ace, and 9 of Pentacles
  • Music
  • My Creole Moon Tarot business card

Make a list of the things you want to manifest. I like to use 7 since it is my power number as well as the number of Spirit. Be specific and clear. I used a purple pen because it is the color of Spirit and my favorite, but use what feels right to you. Brown or green are great for working with the Earth energy of the Capricorn moon but white is always appropriate. Snowflake obsidian is one stone sacred to Castiel. All of the tarot cards I chose are under the element Earth and Starcana's post explains in detail why The World and Devil are good choices. As a Capricorn I identify myself as the Queen of Pents. Ace of Pents is about the beginning of a project that has the promise of stability and prosperity if nurtured. And the 9ofP is one of my favorites cards, and the version I chose is my favorite hands down. The 9ofP speaks to long term investments, hard work, and patience bringing tangible results and contentment. It brings a deep sense of accomplishment and the independence that comes with that. It's about being comfortable in your own skin because your growing pains made your skin a little bit thicker and your will to overcome your circumstances gave you the wisdom that can only come from life experience. And it is about finical independence, moola, cream, duckets, coin, paper, cheese, cash money. This card says you know you'll always land on your feet, whether you are barefoot or in 4" heels! Meow!

I added music to the list because it has such a powerful effect on my emotions. When doing magick, it's all about the intent and force of will you put into it. Truly knowing that you can create the desired outcome. Seeing it in your mind's eye as thought it already has happened. Feeling whatever emotion you will when experiencing that reality. So I cranked up Madonna's Give It To Me and danced and sang and put all of that joy and enthusiasm and confidence into writing my list and into the candle. I also drew Castiel's sigil. A sigil is kind of like a veve, or calling card to a particular angel. I then layed out the tarot cards and when I felt the energy had peaked I lit the candle.

I am excited to have used this new moon energy. I'd love to hear if you did a new moon spell and how you did it. May the determination and emotional investment of the Capricorn new moon pay off for us all.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Queen of Pentacles Stew

I hate vegetables. I'm 41 and it's still a fight for me to eat veg. But this past Saturday I participated in a wonderful Spirit party (which I shall post about soon) and after an event that powerful and having readings back to back today I needed to ground myself. So last night I used my crockpot for the first time and made a wonderful stew full of root vegetables and beef, things that we earth signs need. I am calling it "Queen of Pentacles Stew".

I found a wonderful blog that explains the correlation between certain foods and each zodiac sign.

Here are the ingredients I used and some of the nutritive value of each:

- Celery - The particular vitamin C in celery helps reduce cholesterol.

- Mushrooms - contain vitamin E which protest from free radicals, potassium which is good for heart health because it balances sodium, and is great at fighting viruses.

- Onions - Good for hair, skin, and nails, loosens phlegm, and reducing HPB

- Carrots - Great for prevention of cancers

- Yucca- Rich in iron and calcium and good anti-inflammatory

- Beef - Source of protein, zinc, B vitamins, and selenium

The weather today has been nasty, rainy and that bone-chilling cold. Perfect weather for something that fills you up and makes you feel warm and cozy. So the perfect thing for a Queen of Pentacles like myself to prepare. The QofP is all about nurturing and creating an environment where others feel secure and cared for. And a synchronicity would have it, I had the blessing of being able to share this stew in my home with two other particular Capricorns who mean the world to me! To the least, I'm insanely Lucky.
*this is the Queen of Coins aka Pentacles from U.S. Games Joie-de-Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy*


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year to all! One thing I like to do is to figure out my card for the year, or Annual Card. This is that card that governs the energy that will be most prevalent in the upcoming year. Whenever you are faced with Life's tough decisions and are not sure how to go about things or approach a particular situation, foucus on the energy of this card. At different times you may even want to study a different version of the same card but from a different deck to gain another perspective.

This is the method I use and have had good results using to figure out one's Annual Card. We work with the major arcana and add the individual numbers of your birth month, the date, and the current year. For ex:

If your birthday is November 7 and the current year is 2026

1+1= 2



1+9=10 So your card would be The Wheel of Fortune. Now if the number can be further broken down, you can get also go deeper. Since this is a 10, that can be further broke down to a 1, thus The Magician. Or the other major arcana card that equals 1 the Sun, because it is 19 in the majors. Add 1+9=10.

*I have to tell you, I just pulled these numbers out of the sky to use as an example. As synchronicity would have it, this just so happens to be my Birth Card! To make things even crazier, I was fortunate enough to have happened to have just logged into FB and saw where Holly, creatrix (you know how I just love that word and find any excuse to use it and it seems so does she!) of the Incidental Tarot was pulling 1 card at random to represent the energy of 2013 for 20 lucky folks. Can I tell ya, this was the card she drew at random for me for 2013!*

(To figure your Birth Card as opposed to your Annual Card, use the year of your birth in stead of of the current year)

In the Incidental Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune X becomes X Triskelion, the symbol of synergy. It is a union of 3, hence the prefix "tri". It is a most auspicious sign saying that even though it may not look like it, everything will come together. It represent the impossilbe balance. Despite whaterever may happen along the way, the balance occurs. Despite impossible odds, things work out in the end. It's about order created from chaos. Which means one may need to step back in order to be able to see the big picture. Don't get caught up in the minutia aka bullshit.
So if this where your card for the year, it be telling to take this year to focus on the bigger picture. Don't be afraid to plan ahead, but make sure all your bases are covered. This is also the time to be magnanimous. You may find you have to be the bigger person in your interactions with others. But The Wheel is rolling in your favor, so relax, buckle up, it may be bumpy, but the ride will be well worth the price of admission! The Universe is truly working in your favor!












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