Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deepening My Spiritual Awareness

I've been working a lot lately to deepen my spirtual awareness and expand my abilities with regard to communicating with Spirit. Of course my beloved LaSirene is right there to help guide me. Tonight Holly DeFount's version of the High Priestess from her Incidental Tarot spoke to me after tending to LaSirene's altars and then meditating. I did 22 min tonight which for me is a huge improvement from 7 min. As I look at the card, she appears to be in a blissfully meditative state. Completely at peace, she hovers between the realms of the conscious, mundane world and the watery world of subconscious mind. In her solitude she is able to disconnect from everything else to hear the messages that the moon chooses to convey by listening to what she is feeling. She has quieted her doubtful thoughts that once came from insecurity and caused her to question her capabilities. Her hands are open to confidently grasp, collect and offer information that was hiding in plain sight just beneath the surface.



  1. Lovely to see you working with this deck, and what a great interpretation of this card :) I can see you in her, offering up the wisdom you are gleaning! Congrats on the long meditation, too - must get back to it...

  2. I need to do more with the minors so I can hear them speak to me. This is such a wonderful deck.
    I so look forward to the day I meet you my tarot sister and enjoy cards and a cuppa after a trip to M&S. And of course after I pick up a new patent leather bag from Harrod's.



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