Friday, February 8, 2013

Taking a Risk to Go Above and Beyond

I had a wonderful day of reading for so many cool clients yesterday at Voodoo Authentica! The daystarted off with the nicest lady, Ellen. She is from Atlanta and the creatrix of Above and Beyond and offers intuitive coaching and energy healing. There was so much synchronicity in several areas it was amazing! I felt guilty that she had to pay because I feel like she gave me as much of more than I gave her in the reading! She is a devoted wife, amazing mother, and highly intuitive psychic medium in addition to some other career that I only remember to be very rewarding and yet anothr way that she gives so much of herself. She is one of the most grounded and even people I've ever read for.

I decided to ask my Wisdom of the House of Night oracle for information about this encounter because after Ellen left, my psychic clairaudient and sintient abilities went through the roof! I was getting so many messages before I even had a chane to look at the cards!

1. What gift did I give to Ellen? - #6 High Priestess of Air - This card is a stalker at this point because it came up in 4 out of 5 readings yesterday! and what is totally insane is THIS WAS THE CARD ELLEN PULLED! This card is about logical thought, communication, and reason in order to know what is the best corse of action to take next. Also to use your imagination. The card really resonated with her. I now notice that this card is #6 which corresponds to the Lovers VI in tarot. This is a time of making decisions that satisfy both the head and the heart, doing what you love, but approaching it from a more logic based approach.

2. What gift did Ellen give me? - #31 Risk - Holy cow this is spot on! This is just what she spoke of to me, to let go without hesitation or fear just as this woman is! To surrender to the process and trust my guides and myself to hear them and just speak without thinking about what is coming out if my mouth. (Something that believe it or not, I actually try very hard to do LOL) I had told ellen that I'd love to learn how to culitivate my psychic gifts and hear with more clarity. She let me know that I have to take more of a risk than I do to allow Spirit to speak through me. Even though this card isn't numbered 0 it is utterly the expression of the Fool 0 in tarot! As Nyx is quoted as saying from the book, "Rather than worry about how things will turn out, why not take a leap of faith?" I need to be like this woman on the card and just myself over to the process, knowing that I will land safely, exactly where I'm supposed to. Especially since my intuition has been so on point the past week or so that I've blown my own mind! I think the meditation work I've been doing is paying of in spades. I will do more, but specifically with my beloved Lwa (Spirit) LaSirene, the mermaid spirit of self-reflection and going down into the depths of ones psyche. I have also found my muse for tarot reading as suggested by my friend, Vodou priest, and fellow reader Toby; dub step! I know, I know... But if I works, hey, I gotta step!

I'm also going to book a few sessions with Ellen!


*I really like this song. It is more ambient trance than dubstep*



  1. Loved this. A message I needed to hear as well. :D

    1. I'm so happy to you it resonated with you Arwen. A lot of very interesting things are happening since I met this lady :-)

  2. Love this spread about giving and receiving gifts! And it's the perfect feel-good message for me, too. Thank you for sharing. ;)

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad this was meaningful for you!



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