Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sirene of the Sea

I have worked with quite a few of the Orishas (African spirits) as well as the Lwa (Haitian spirits) and have developed very special bonds with them. But one relationship in particular that is extremely sacred is the one I have with the Lwa LaSirene, which literally translates into "the Siren" or "the mermaid". There are several tarot cards I associate with her. She is, like all of these spirits, a very powerful and complex lady. Just like the ocean in which she resides, she represents life's constant state of flux and teaches us to how to stop resisting change and to go with the flow of life's many ups and downs through the process of self-reflection. She can be playful, inspiring, and adventerous like a dolphin. She can be very loving and nurturing, like a manatee. She can be seductive and enticing like a mermaid. But don't get it twisted, because she can be very protective and cruel like a shark, which I once saw very clearly while walking The Quarter in the wee hours of the morning. I never saw anyone, but I know danger was not far from me. It looked like the entire area was completely under water as I walked the 3 blocks to my destination. (Oddly enough to visit a child of Ezili Danto. I almost feel sorry for anyone who had even thought about bringing harm to me with Danto, a child of hers, and LaSirene around me!) I then saw as plain as day, not just from my third eye but with my human eyes, a massive hammer head shark swimming ahead of me, head turning side to side as it wove back and forth, then circled around behind me and then swam ahead to do surveillance. It was like she was making herself known to whomever would have tried to harm me. Like they may have had no idea why, but jsut decided against whatever harm they had planned. Another time I encountered her was at the FĂȘte Kongo we had in January. When she came into possession and I went up to ask for her blessing, it was one of the most magickal and special moments of my life. The elusive mermaid recognized me and interacted with me in a way which I'm told very few get to experience. My heart still swells with joy, gratitude and love when I think of it.

LaSirene is known for her long, flowing hair and the intoxicating beauty of her face and well as her voice. She heals all wounds with the salty waters of her home, the sea. She brings wealth and prosperity from the many treasures of the ocean. It is said that she carries a comb for her gorgeous hair in one hand a a mirror in the other. This is not about vanity. It is about self-actualization, love, respect. Truly seeing into the depths of your being and learning to love what we see. She makes us face the things that we have tried to bury so we don't have to deal with them and teaches us how to do so in healthy ways. Not always pleasant mind you, but necessary for our spiritual and emotional evolution. She teaches us to listen to our intuition and have the confidence to trust and follow its advice. Working with LaSirene means having the courage to look into your own eyes and climb through the window to your soul.

To honor LaSirene I created an alter with the things sacred to her. Well, actually, we are up to two alters and my counter is kinda becoming a third! Like the sea that is her domain, her areas in my home seem to be spreading lol! In general, her colors are blue, white, silver, gold, and aqua. She is associated with Our Lady Star of the Sea/La Riena del Mar. For me, she presents herself in turquoise, sea-foam green, silver, and sometimes gold. Some of the items on her alters include: a plain mirror as well as the prettiest little turquoise glitter one, a beautiful little purse made of shells and blue and iridescent sequins, an abalone shell, a starfish, a fresh coconut as well as a can of coconut milk, a chalice of salt water, a selenite wand, Lindt milk chocolate and coconut, a spirit bottle I made for her with the vevé (calling card, direct line. Kinda like the Bat-signal) that she gave to me specifically, and her beautiful picture. Everyday at 7PM I say a prayer to her and on Saturday's at 7 I devote at least 5-10 min connecting with her. It cracks me up how often it ends up bring exactly 7 min lol. It feels like a melodic trance, floating just at the surface of my consciousness.

I could go on and on about LaSirene. I know our bond will only strengthen as I continue to work with her. I treasure my relationship with her and thank her everyday for the many blessings she has given me.




  1. Beautiful! My son has to read this entry! He is drawn to La Sirene, too.

    1. Tell him to please let me know what he thinks after he does. And the videos I put after each post always relate to it. It isn't just the picture of the mermaid or the album title but the lyrics really explain what LaSirene helps us with.

    2. PM me your email so I can give you Ellen's 411 in the ATL



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