Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nurturing Light Imbolc Spread from Sun Goddess Tarot

I've been making my way through the my fellow bloggers posts who participated in the Imbolc Tarot Bloghop (you can view the master list here) at a much slower rate that I'd like. It has been one of the crazier weeks I've had in... Well in about a month now that I think of it LOL! Mheh, such is life lol. Onward and upward, keep it movin'.

I decided to try the spread created by my girl Joanna, creatrix of the wonderful blog Sun Goddess Tarot. I'm using one of my oldest decks, the Gill Tarot from U.S. Games. (Damn if they don't use the best card stock and produce the best quality decks!)

1. What can I do to best bring light to my clients? - 6 of Pentacles - Remember to listen as much and sometimes more than I talk. The rainbow of disks tells me I need to do more chakra work (yes Shonna, I'm listening lol!) and to do chakra meditation in preparation for readings. The bright sunshine in the center and the title "well-being" is letting me know that the answer was already given to me within the question; always bring light to the situation no matter now dark the topic or outlook. Make sure that my clients don't feel like life is depleting them of power but that the reading is shedding light on what needs their awareness. (This ain't always easy like Sunday mornin' you know!) It also comes back to chakra mediation. Maintaining my own well-being will keep me balanced for the energy exchange that takes place. It also is reminding me to value my time and my skill and be confident and secure in standing my ground in getting paid what I'm worth.

2. What can I do to best bring light to myself? - HA! I KNEW IT!!! Something told me as I was about to begin the reading that I was to shuffle each time I asked the questions for the reading. So I picked up the card from question one and reshuffled. I KNEW as I was shuffling what the card would be for this question - Rx 6 of Pentacles! So the answer to question 2 is don't ignore what you just got told in question 1! I just heard "don't be a LaMont!" If you ever watched Fred Sanford you know what that means lol! (If not, it means that I have a very clear answer so don't be foolish.)

3. What can I do to best fan the flames and keep my creativity burning? - Rx Death XIII - the very short version of this is screaming at me to protect my creative vision and always remember I have everything I need to breath the constant breath of life into anything I desire. This card has so much meaning in this position for several reasons. I will have to delve deeper at a later time but it speaks volumes.


4. What can I do to prevent the flames from dying so I can see my plans to full term? - 3 of wands - 3's are synthesis, creation, giving birth to whatever the suite is about. This says keep my eyes on the prize. Focus on the end result that I want. Enterprise is the title, "a project or undertaking that is difficult, typically one that requires full effort". There is a women named Jan who's card of the day used to come to me via email and she taught me such amazing ways to see this card! It's all about being true to our inner needs and callings. It speaks to being clear about what want to create and confident in our ability to make it happen come hell or high water. That is where the third wand will become a torch and light the way to success as I define it to be. I remember she said this card is about being careful not to fall back into negative old habits and to trust in your own power and your intuition. Follow the light that is your passion that burns from within! Not from an exterior source.

5. Final advice to ensure successful delivery of my plans - DEAR LORD BABY JESUS - Ya can't make this kinda stuff up man! 6 OF PENTACLES!!! The bottom line is my own well-being is the key to it all! Nothing is more important than that! If something compromises that then it will throw my life energy of kilter and that of the people who entrust me with their life situations and that is irrisponsible and unfair to them as well as my own Self. And that just won't do! Maintain my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and everything and everyone around me will benefit! (And just more you know, the card at the bottom of the deck was the 3 of wands! Can't make up shit this crazy lol)

Thank you Joanna, this was fantastic!







  1. I love it when Tarot hits you on the head like this huh!

  2. Love your writing, dear! Lots of great energy and I can feel it. Getting down to it! Great spread for this time of year. :)

  3. Thank you so much MuseLady, I really did enjoy doing this one! It means a lot to know it has touched others.



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