Friday, February 1, 2013

Weclome to all, especially those who are rolling along as a part of the bloghop and just coming from Aisling's lovely blog. I am so excited to be a part of another hop. I just love the idea of so many of us from the global esoteric community working on the same project!
So this year Arwen has posed two questions to help us gain an understanding of what Imbolc 2013 mean for us. I decided to use my Vanessa Tarot to answer because it has such a light, carefree feel to it, yet it is still so rich with symbolism.
The first thing I heard as I laid the cards out was "Work smarter, not just harder". I love that I've gotten these two Pentacles as I will now explain.

1. What's in my belly right now? Knight of Coins - This card really shows the need to work smarter not just harder. What a great version of the Knight of Pents! Here we see this chick being a total Rosie The Riveter. (Very interesting that I am sitting here listening to my Pandora station that plays 1940's music) She is dressed in her work clothes including overalls and rolled up sleeves (Is that a pack of Lucky Strikes rolled in there??) Her bandana and carpenter's apron are tied tightly. (Note the star at her sacral chakra. Talk about fire in the belly!) She is prepared, motivated and committed to doing the work that needs to be done. She's got that 2 x 4 thrown over her shoulder like it ain't no thang! Yet she's got her makeup on, her clothes are pressed and clean, and coiffed hair that was just pulled from metal orange juice cans used as hair rollers. She brings who she is comfortable with being to her new surroundings and she is also eager to learn a new skill set a gain a whole new sense of self confidence. She has such a determined yet content expression. She exhibits so much of an era long gone when attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship was not just ethical, it was the norm. (Did you know that Craftsman Tools STILL have a lifetime warrenty?! Like the ones made in the 40's!)
The War was on and the troops were needed overseas. But there was also the need for workers to manufacture the munitions the boys required. So the U.S. government came up with the solution by drafting women back here to join the workforce outside the home and bring their own lunch pails to the factories and shipyards, roll up their sleeves and learn a completely new skill set in order to make their necessary contribution to the cause. In 1942 the Westinghouse Company in Pittsburgh, PA hired a local artist to create a series of posters to encourage this effort, and Rosie the Riveter was born, proclaiming "We can do it!" It was a time where folks worked together, supported each other. Your beau, husband, brother, father was equally as important as contributing to the greater good of the Nation and The Allies.
The baby in my belly these days is creating a successful business as a tarot reader. The Knight of Coins is all about patience,attention to detail, pride in one's work and knowing that hard work will pay off in the long haul. I've made a lot of progress lately, but there is more work to be done. I have so many new skills to learn with regard to computer literacy. I am so insanely blessed to have the love and support of a mentor, friends like Vernon, Karen, Suzette and Michaelle who are rallying to my cause just because they love and believe in me. That is part of what keeps me inspired and on point. I'm a Creole dame, but my daddy was from Pittsburgh where I spent 8 years. Much like New Orleans, it's a hard working beer and a shot kinda town. Having that work ethic instilled in me as a young girl is what is keeping me in task now.

2. What will I give birth to in the Spring? Queen of Coins - I love tarot lol.
This is my card that I use to identify myself since I am a Capricorn. Now card #1 showed my inner Rossie the Riveter. Card #2 is clearly showing the glamour-puss side of me who loves to hit the MAC counter, rock a Michael Kors handbag and 4" pumps from BeBe and work on Apple products. While eating crepes in Montparnasse. Kitten LeRue here had her regular appointment with Mindy, her amazing Creole hair stylist and is preparing for a night out with good friends and family where she will enjoy delightful cuisine and a St. Germaine with soda and lime. When she returns to her home, her house guests will be greeted by the scent of a bouquet of star-gazer lillie's and made to feel completely welcome in her home filled with gorgeous furnishings from the Victorian Era. She will then put on her pajamas with moons and stars and fuzzy slippers and curl up with a black cat and a book about Vampyers. When she awakens the next afternoon she will pack her flight bags for the red-eye. Where to this time? Visit Drea in Cape Town? Yoga with Shonna in Cambodia? The Tabi convention and shopping at Marks & Spencer with Chloë? Baking cookies and a Dexter marathon with KiKi? Create new tarot spreads with Joanna in Singapore? Ahh decisions decisions.
If I keep nurturing the baby from the belly of the Knight of Coins, I will give birth to the woman I want to be, secure and generous Queen of Coins. All of the things I see in this version of the QofC is who I've been at times in the past and manifesting becoming in the not so distant future. And all from doing what I love which feeds my soul as well as contributes to the greater good.
I decided to add another layer. Imbolc is the half way point between Winter and Spring. So I decide to ask who I can make these things reality.

3. What do I need to frozen in the permafrost of Winter? I used my Wisdom of the House of Night oracle since it is told from the perspective of Nyx, goddess of all things dark. I got card # 22 Letting Go. Leave behind my fear of change. Also listen to Lisa Freidborg Llyod's advice to release the need to know the outcome. Nyx says "Miracles occur when you let go and allow the magick to happen of its own accord."
4. What idea I need to warm up to create growth for Spring? I used my Secrect Language of Colour oracle and got #13 Jade/Take Action! Look at all this lush greenery and earth energy! This card has other very specific symbolism that touches my heart. Total confirmation I'm on the right track!
5. Bottom Line - One more from Vanessa Tarot. Queen of Cups - OMG look at this card! I think I will need to keep my bags packed and my passport close in hand!

I hope you've enjoyed the view under the Creole Moon. The next stop on this Imbolc Boghop 2013 will be by the light of the New Moon Tarot with Sharon.


  1. LOVE! Soulsista! I picked the king of pentacles for one of my cards! Fab and fun blogpost.

  2. Oh wow how cool! Thank you so much Soulsista! XOX That makes me feel so good since I had so much trouble with the scheduler thingy not posting and then having to use a freind's PC (which I'm lost on lol!) to retake the pix and post!

  3. Congratulations on the impending life! Just a wee correction...Aisling posed the questions not moi. :D Loved the questions you posed. On my list to do. :D

  4. Wow, the Knight of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles followed by the oracle cards and the Queen of Cups! Talk about making your dreams a reality! ;) I really enjoyed reading your blog and wish you tons of luck for your tarot reading future :D

  5. Hey, Creole Moon, I hope you do come to the TABI convention, if Chloe doesn't keep you totally busy at Marks & Spencer, we can go out for a curry! ;)

  6. So glad I finally made it round here! Hey, I have all the Dexter series on DVD, love creating spreads and I do yoga, so I figure coming over here to London ticks loads of your boxes!! ;)
    Seriously, though, loved the cards you drew. I so believe you can do this, become that gorgeous, confident and abundant Queen of Pents! Bottom line, you have all the emotional depth and savy you need to be a fabulous tarot reader, and a beautiful, happy woman :D

    1. *tears of happiness, gratitude and love* I can't wait until I can thank you in person my friend for your continued love and support. And check off the boxes on my Queen of Pents list while having a Dexter Marathon and having a cuppa! Much love to you dear Chloë, you've had my back consistently for a long time. It means the world to me <3

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